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The Cedar Rapids Corvette Club has been making history since 1963!

Join us for a look back at the history of  CRCC.  If you want to learn the entire history of CRCC, please click on this CRCC HISTORY DOCUMENT 1963 THRU 2012

Our history document detailing all the 50th Anniversary events for 2013 is here:  CRCC 50th ANNIVERSARY HISTORY 2013  

2014 history file here:  2014 CRCC HISTORY

2015 history file here:  2015 CRCC HISTORY  

2016 history file here:  2016 CRCC HISTORY

2017 history file here:  2017 CRCC HISTORY

2018 history file here:  2018 CRCC HISTORY

2019 history file here:   2019 CRCC HISTORY

If you have information you would like to add to CRCC history, please send your comments and photos to our Historian at; CRCC Historian.



Joe Bernolfo (left) and Floyd Dirks take a spin around Hawkeye Downs for a 1963 event.  These drivers began a long tradition of serving as honorary parade vehicles that continues today throughout Eastern Iowa.

CRCC was a small but mighty group during the summer of 1963 when these members posed for a club photo.  Front row drivers are (from left) Harold Kennedy, Bill Fahey, Ron Denny and Joe Bernolfo.  Middle row pacers are Bud Kirkpatrick, Steve Stone, Floyd Dirks, Harry Rude and Lowell Phelps.  Bringing up the rear are Jim Paulson, Ken Anderson, Lee Nelson, Denny Thorson, Frenchie Massure, Don Schilling and Steve Mentzer.

The fall of 1963 finds CRCC members in front of their polished Vettes.  In the front row (from left) are Bud Kirkpatrick, Floyd Dirks, Ron Denny, Harold Kennedy, Bill Fahey and Denny Thorson.  In the second row are Don Schilling, Harry Rude, Ken Anderson, Joe Bernolfo, Bob Herring and Frenchie Massure.



CRCC's Arc de Triumph:  Members and their rides pictured at Veterans Memorial Ball Park are (from left) Joe Leckington, Floyd Dirks, Gary Toomsen, Pat Kelly, Jack Gilmore, Al Hammond, Jim Mathis, Bob Palmer, Bob Coons, Vern Nielsen, Lee Nelson, Steve Hopkins, Harold Kennedy, Kent Heiken, Julie Heusman, Ken Anderson, Steve Menzer, Phil Puffer, Terry Kocher, Paul Dayhoff, Mike Jones, Harley Haber, Dick Hein, Doug Muench, Jim Maxon, Hugh Carano, Jim Paulson, Bill Fahey and Lowell Phelps.



CRCC Annual Banquet


CRCC Takes Shape

During our first meeting in the fall of 1962 in Joe Bernolfo's garage, the love of Corvettes united a small group of employees from the Collins Radio Company.  Fifteen charter members officially began CRCC in 1963 and adopted the motto, "Progress, Courtesy and Safety."

There were many "firsts" during that year:  the first group trip to Indy, the first community activity (installing radio setups for the flag stations at Greenwood Roadway in Indianola, Iowa), the first honorary member.  (Can you guess who that member was and why it was "honorary"?)

CRCC Charter Members:  The guys who started it all celebrate the 40th reunion of CRCC.  Charter members are (back row, from left) Floyd Dirks, Harry Rude, Ken Anderson, Harley Haber, Joe Bernalfo, Terry Kocher and Don Ule.  Pictured in the front row are Bill Fahey, Bob Herring, Ron Denny and Lowell Phelps.

If you read the CRCC History Document, you will know;

      Which CRCC members have won new Corvettes in the National Kidney Foundation's annual raffle?

      What year were women allowed to join CRCC is full members? 

      What year was the first woman elected CRCC president?

      The grand opening of which national museum was visited by many CRCC members?

      Which three special awards did CRCC receive in 2007?




Cedar Rapids Corvette Club car show inside Rapids Chevrolet Dealership in 1984 or 85.